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Redeemed Generation

RDMPTN © 2020 c/o Anthony Moody IV

We stand as lights of the world.     We no longer fear our destiny.    Lord bless our endeavors.

3 priorities of Redeemed Generation™

  • Community

  • Expression

  • Redemption

Our Goal:

We exist to express ourselves and form a
community through fabrics and ideas.
Providing an aesthetic that is confident and bold, yet elegant and graceful.
A light that is exclusive to ourselves.
Not only a guide to redeem our own dreams and ambitions, but also to redeem those of our generation. Standing as a light for generations to come.
We are Redeemed Generation.
A lighthouse to the world.
Dedicated to those who also dream of their imprint on the world.
This is for you.
For those who propel us to success and support our dreams.
Thank you in advance,
Redeemed Generation
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